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Inner Balance was originally founded as a wellness apparel company. Today our company is significantly shifting in direction by introducing a wearable technology device. More to come...

Welcome to Inner Balance Wear

Why did we create this company?

Inner Balance Wear Inc. is a pioneering company in the intersection of apparel, wearables, and sports, headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Initially founded as a wellness apparel company, Inner Balance Wear has significantly shifted its direction to incorporate advanced wearable technology into its product offerings. This strategic move aligns with the company's mission to enhance sports performance and overall well-being through innovative clothing solutions.

By merging high-quality apparel with cutting-edge technology, Inner Balance Wear aims to lead the market in sportswear innovation, catering to athletes and fitness enthusiasts who seek to enhance their performance and wellness as well anyone looking to be connected to thier higher selves.





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