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Inner Balance was originally founded as a wellness apparel company. Today our company is significantly shifting in direction by introducing a wearable technology device. This technology is responsible for assisting in achieving optimal body frequency and vibration to assist you in manifesting a variety of goals including health, positivity, overall well-being, among other benefits.

Welcome to Inner Balance Wear

Why did we create this company?

We are living in a time of Great Awakening where most are looking for deeper connection to self, wellness and achieving their manifestation goals. One must raise their frequency to achieve those outcomes. The embedded technology in the watch is another tool to help you raise your vibrations to enhance your wellness and manifestation journey.

The IB watch has a patent technology that automatically raises your vibration. We recognize that you have choices in how you raise your vibrational frequency through various methods such as meditation, practice grounding, and listening to different frequency sounds all of which can help raise your frequency. The IB watch is a simple set-and-go innovative technology. Choose your frequency- set it and forget it.

The concept of this watch came from the founder who had a vision of what this technology could do. Two years into research and development, Inner Balance proudly reached its mission to bring to market a life changing technology. The IB Corporate team is very passionate about improving and enhancing our customer’s lives. We strongly believe this is a tool and believe in the power of YOU!





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